Happy New Year!

HappyNewYear2017 (1)

So, we are now in the year 2017. Nice. Scary. Awesome. Exciting!

Positive things will come along this year. Wonderful changes that I cannot wait for them to happen. But I gotta be patient. I’ve learned that things happen when they have to happen: not before and not later. And, they only happen when I am ready for them to happen.

Looking back throughout my life, I’ve noticed that when you push things to happen, their outcome’s not necessarily as you’d imagined. I guess you internally know it’s not the right time, but stubbornness might sometimes be stronger than feelings. That’s totally not the way to go.
The positive aspect is that you always learn something from these experiences. So, I might say, I’ve learned quite a lot!

Today, I am feeling grateful for my evolution. I know that there’s much more to learn and evolve. But I am pretty sure that I am on my right track and I do not want to stop growing. There’s still so much to learn from life, from Earth and from people. I am looking forward to it!

Big thanks to all the family, friends and acquaintances who have been in my life one way or another, huge thanks to the ones who are by me and who are part of my life’s treasure and thanks to all the ones I will get to know in the future!

May you all have a wonderful, happy, awesome, successful and healthy 2017!

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