Gender Equality & International Women’s Day

Gender Equality?

Today’s International Women’s Day is highlighting the existent gap between the genders and requesting Governments to commit to Gender Equality. I do not only request the Governments to commit, but everybody else, too.

Inequality does not only exist in the poor and underdeveloped countries, but also next door. What we need is to be equally taken into consideration and to be respected by our society, family, friends and profession.

I do not need women and men to be specifically differentiated by nouns or imaginary to feel taken into account as a woman. I do not need traffic lights to show a woman instead of a man for me to feel that I belong into the society. In my opinion, this generates a wider gap between genders and does not at all establish equal opportunities for women.

Education needs to be changed to construct an equal society. We still live in communities that differentiate politically, economically, culturally, personally women and men. I do experience this differentiation in my day to day. Things are just different for women and this will not change until we change the baseline of our education. I really do hope that by 2030 we reach Planet 50-50.

We need urgent changes and it is our responsibility to make them happen.

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