Find your path and trust

Find your way and trust

I have the great luck to work in something that I am passionate about and that lets me be who I am. I am free to be and flow with what I do.

Many times we do not know what we are passionate about. Sometimes we work like robots fulfilling the hours and hoping that the day ends soon to begin to live. Some of us have not had the opportunity to experience what makes us vibrate, to understand what we are and what limits us. However, some of us have been able to feel, even for a glimpse of time, our essence. We must stay aware and present, because those moments are mirroring moments, instants that have an immense strength for us. They give us confidence and give us the wisdom to know who we are. They awaken us to our passion and lead us to what we want to achieve in life. They gradually move us towards our path.

When you identify your path, there is no turning back. You know it’s part of you. You know, that without it you will get lost. However, moving towards it is a difficult task. You need to build your confidence, to learn to trust yourself, to understand who you are and to value you. Then, one day you wake up and you know you can make it. You will have the strength to fight against the wind and the tide, because you are faithful to you, to your passion and to your life. That driving force is infinite. It is pure resilience.

I walk my path every day, step by step. I have my ups and downs, my deviations, but I do not lose that vision towards the horizon that brings me back to my trail. I believe and trust myself, and that makes me meet people who vibrate just like me, with their own passion and driving force. Each of them impresses me; for what they are, for what they do and for what they pursue.

We walk together and grow, we believe in what we do and what we are, we launch new challenges with our eyes set on our steps and our own horizons. We live our passion and share it with those around us, creating new ways for others to pursue their dreams because we can all be free and flow with what we are and do. It only depends on each one of us to seek our way, our own path, and to believe in who we are.

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