Trust and Let Go


One way or another, life makes you walk on your specific path, if you remain awaken and grateful to what happens in your life. “Things happen at the right time and in the right place.” This is a statement that I’ve heard a lot… I’ve managed to respect it and relate to it as “trusting and letting […]


Summertime by JEM

Summer is almost over and soon the routine starts again. I’ve been out there in the jungle of summertime. August in Spain is holiday time. For me, it has been the time to loose myself in the clouds of transformation… I had the need to let go and receive whatever was coming in next. I’ve been […]

Back to home


These days I’ve been feeling dizzy, a beautiful dizziness of an open heart. Africa has been a wonderful experience: it has pushed me back to my heart, to myself, to home. It’s quite difficult to explain, but I remember I first felt it many years ago, still being a teenager when I dismayed at a doctor’s office. It brought […]

Finally Africa


I have finally found the beautiful and deep Africa. I already knew South Africa but I felt that I needed to know even more, and finally, I am in the Ivory Coast. These lands have welcomed me with strength. I landed just a few days ago, but since the first night I felt welcomed and […]

I am a human-beingist


I keep wondering why the world keeps differentiating who we are? Aren’t we all human-beings? Isn’t the important thing to be ourselves, share with others and respect, no matter your gender, your race or from where you are? If we talk about gender violence, isn’t it violence itself? If we talk about wage, doesn’t it depend on the […]

Points of view

Points of View

I’m getting out of 4 weeks of intense flu. Contrary to what I would expect, I am grateful for these weeks, although they have been intense and exhausting. I’ve been sick without voice and not being able to listen well, but it has given me the opportunity to grow and learn, to feel myself trying to find my center and my […]

Significant living, the power is in you

SignificantLiving (3)

I am currently experiencing so much gratitude for all the things happening around my life and getting nearer and nearer to my goal of YouTooday being a social business supporting and empowering so many great and passionate people in their journey of significant living by transforming the world into a better place for all. The path […]

This world is governed by Marketing


Every day we encounter issues that are sold to us to make us act in one way or another. The world is going through turbulent times. We should take care of ourselves. There are so many things happening around us. There are things we hear and that perhaps are untrue and are just being sensationalized, or perhaps, they are […]