Thanks so much for your support and comments. I am deeply grateful because this means I am not alone. I love to express who I am and what we human-beings are capable of doing. We can live in the freedom of our soul, we can love what we do and share who we are. If […]

Am I a social entrepreneur?

I do not consider myself a social entrepreneur, but as someone that is following my Why. However, as it happens to be, my Why relates to society and our world. As I’ve observed, the majority of us following our Why somehow link ourselves into activities improving people’s life or that of our planet. We have […]

My new vision

I felt a bit lost these days, knowing that I had to take a step back to pause what I was creating. My trip to India gave me quite some insights, which have taken me a while to settle down. I wrote my first impressions about my trip, but I know that there is much […]

Just wondering

I keep wondering…: Why do we have to pertain to an organization to show we are doing good? Why do we have to do good in the name of a label? Why do we have to follow a leader when each of us can be our own master? Why do we have to pray to […]

The importance of observation

Lately I have had some travelling. It has not been related to my passion: YouTooday and its PiMov. However, in all I do, I try to keep flowing and granting my possibility to ‘be’. I guess that some times, as people do not know you, there might be some misunderstandings in the things you say. […]

Esencia y corazón

Hoy ha sido un día excepcional, de gran aprendizaje para mí. He entrevistado para YouTooday a una gran amiga mía, hermana del alma, Kate. Me he sentado en frente de ella, y juntas hemos fluido para plasmar esa esencia y enorme pasión de Kate hacia su proyecto Traces. Ella es Traces y Traces es ella. […]