Just Be what You are

“Let me hear my inner Voice. Let me be who I am.” Be who you are. Be who you want to Be. Act as if you are now and you’ll Be. Let your Being flourish from your heart. Deny your mind when it comes from the heart. Hear what it says. Trust your inner voice. […]

Let me Be

Let me Be. Let me be free. Let me express who I am, what I am. Let me love and be love. Let me show love. Let me express love. I am here and now. I do live my life. Let me be free to do so. All relies in me. For I am part […]

Stay loyal

Keep your eyes open, stay here and now. You’ll find your answers with observation and your open heart. They’ll come to you as they have already been coming. You’ll feel the rightness of what it is. You know how to feel: you know when something is “right” or “wrong”. Stay loyal to your feelings and […]

Now and Here

Be, just be. Flow, just flow. Don’t rely on expectations created by yourself in this moment. None will be the same as you see the world today. All changes. Moment by moment. What you think is good today for tomorrow, has vanished already in the next moment. Rely on You. On your choices, moment by […]


Life passes by so quickly… We just have to stay alert. And staying alert means being here and now. You do so and all gets slower! You enjoy the moments and the surroundings. You start observing and taking in all the smells, sounds, colours,… Living is being. Being is doing based on Who You Are. […]

Just Be

We all are One. We all are Love. We all are Light. We are a piece of the Whole. Let me be your Guide. Let me be your Friend. Be what you are. I will guide you to it. For that you need to experience. For that you need to feel. For that you need […]

Love is all there is

Love is immense. Love is all there is. Share it with open heart and do not fear to get hurt. As you share, you are protected. Nothing can hurt you since you are being sincere and free: being as you are and sharing who you are. Love is always welcome. Love opens doors. We all […]

En el sentir está la fe

Haz lo que sientas hacer cada día. En el sentir está la fé. Fluye con los mares de la energía que llevas dentro y que eres fuera. Entiende las maravillas del vivir y de las experiencias del día. No te dejes llevar por ellas, son aprendizajes, nada más. Deja que te enseñen a vivir y […]


Viene la calma. Viene el amor. Viene La Luz. Vienen con delicadeza. Viene el crecimiento, se acerca la evolución. Crezco yo, crecemos juntos. Somos amor y paz. Despertamos juntos. Abrimos el corazón, abrimos el alma. Nos mantenemos íntegros, vibramos UNO juntos. Somos Paz y Amor. Somos vida. Somos.