My deepest gratitude

I am hugely grateful for what is happening to me and the movement we are co-creating with such amazing souls who we call the #PiMakers – Positive Impact Makers. We’ve been busy building the community: A place where #PiMakers get together to¬†empower, connect and offer others the opportunity to collaborate and get socially involved […]

Stay loyal

Keep your eyes open, stay here and now. You’ll find your answers with observation and your open heart. They’ll come to you as they have already been coming. You’ll feel the rightness of what it is. You know how to feel: you know when something is “right” or “wrong”. Stay loyal to your feelings and […]


Feelings are a powerful connection to what we are. Feelings are translations of what we think. Feelings are our alarm system. They make us realise what we think. Feelings can be changed, if we change our thoughts. Stay alert. Observe and feel. You’re getting lots of information about your thought system from the feelings. You […]

Living by the day

I am learning to live by the day…. I observe and see how all evolves. Slowly, but surely, all is being organised. Some order is being created in my life. I feel all is going where it has to go. I keep my eyes open and my feelings are flourishing out of me. I laugh […]

All is welcome

I am open-hearted with what I am creating through my conscious choosing and being. I am enjoying the perspective of observing and experiencing life. It generates in me this energy of creation and acceptance of what is to come. I am still struggling with my day to day, learning to trust and keeping the positive […]

Now and Here

Be, just be. Flow, just flow. Don’t rely on expectations created by yourself in this moment. None will be the same as you see the world today. All changes. Moment by moment. What you think is good today for tomorrow, has vanished already in the next moment. Rely on You. On your choices, moment by […]