Life passes by so quickly… We just have to stay alert. And staying alert means being here and now. You do so and all gets slower! You enjoy the moments and the surroundings. You start observing and taking in all the smells, sounds, colours,… Living is being. Being is doing based on Who You Are. […]

Eres confianza

Siempre hablas de confianza… ¿Sientes confianza? ¿Eres confianza? ¿Qué es confianza? Es lo que te lleva a ser lo que eres. Es el vivir en el Ahora sin importar el mañana. Es saber que llegarás a donde has de llegar. Es saber que el corazón es tu hogar. Confía y serás. Confía y amarás. Confía […]

Creating my trip

We are tremendously powerful human-beings. We just have forgotten about it. Love takes us nearer to what we are. Limitations, such as expectations, keep us from being who we are. I am sharing with you this, because I am observing and experimenting these days. My plan to travel this year to very special places is […]

I will do what I am

Lately I’ve been thinking about my path and what I want in life. One thing I am sure about is that I want to lead this movement of People-Inspiration. At  the end, I have not seen it anywhere else, and there’s none that looks into what we People are and what we human-beings can do […]

Just Be

We all are One. We all are Love. We all are Light. We are a piece of the Whole. Let me be your Guide. Let me be your Friend. Be what you are. I will guide you to it. For that you need to experience. For that you need to feel. For that you need […]

Mi paso

Siento mi voz, siento mi corazón. Vivo en paz, observo y fluyo. Camino y no veo hacia atrás. Camino y no veo hacia adelante. Veo mis pasos, donde quiera que esté. Cada momento es el que es. Cada paso define el próximo y hacia donde voy. Yo solo veo el paso y disfruto la caminata. […]