I will do what I am

Lately I’ve been thinking about my path and what I want in life. One thing I am sure about is that I want to lead this movement of People-Inspiration. At  the end, I have not seen it anywhere else, and there’s none that looks into what we People are and what we human-beings can do […]

Just Be

We all are One. We all are Love. We all are Light. We are a piece of the Whole. Let me be your Guide. Let me be your Friend. Be what you are. I will guide you to it. For that you need to experience. For that you need to feel. For that you need […]

Mi paso

Siento mi voz, siento mi corazón. Vivo en paz, observo y fluyo. Camino y no veo hacia atrás. Camino y no veo hacia adelante. Veo mis pasos, donde quiera que esté. Cada momento es el que es. Cada paso define el próximo y hacia donde voy. Yo solo veo el paso y disfruto la caminata. […]