What makes a person a #PiMaker?

I am currently writing a thesis regarding the research question: What makes a person a Positive Impact Maker?  Throughout the development of my social business YouTooday, I’ve come to meet certain people with certain characteristics. I call these people Positive Impact Makers –abbreviated: #PiMakers. These are people who live with passion because, as I believe, they […]

Vibra con lo que eres

Vibra con lo que eres. Vibra con esa energia que tienes. Que todo lo libera. Que todo lo muestra. Que todo lo agradece. Vibra con lo que eres. Invade al mundo con tu Ser. Demuestra la libertad de Ser. Demuestra que todo se puede si crees en ti y en la energía del Todo. Porque […]

Aquí en el Ahora

Yo vivo en el Ahora. Yo vibro en el Ahora. Yo amo lo que soy. Yo amo lo que hago. Bendigo todo lo que recibo. Bendigo todo lo que doy. Comparto amor y luz. Comparto todo lo que soy. Amo la vida y al mundo. Amo quienes me rodean. Soy quien soy. Soy parte del […]

Medita y siéntete

Aquí estamos, siendo otra vez. Medita para encontrarte y no perderte en la jungla del día a día. Ama lo que eres. Siente lo que eres. No te olvides de ello. Disfruta sintiendo la inmensidad de la esencia. Eres parte del Todo, tan poderoso como la energía que te rodea. Date cuenta de ello, perteneces […]

The importance of observation

Lately I have had some travelling. It has not been related to my passion: YouTooday and its PiMov. However, in all I do, I try to keep flowing and granting my possibility to ‘be’. I guess that some times, as people do not know you, there might be some misunderstandings in the things you say. […]

Let me Be

Let me Be. Let me be free. Let me express who I am, what I am. Let me love and be love. Let me show love. Let me express love. I am here and now. I do live my life. Let me be free to do so. All relies in me. For I am part […]

My deepest gratitude

I am hugely grateful for what is happening to me and the movement we are co-creating with such amazing souls who we call the #PiMakers – Positive Impact Makers. We’ve been busy building the PiMov.org community: A place where #PiMakers get together to empower, connect and offer others the opportunity to collaborate and get socially involved […]