I am a human-beingist

I keep wondering why the world keeps differentiating who we are? Aren’t we all human-beings? Isn’t the important thing to be ourselves, share with others and respect, no matter your gender, your race or from where you are? If we talk about gender violence, isn’t it violence itself? If we talk about wage, doesn’t it depend on the […]

Points of view

I’m getting out of 4 weeks of intense flu. Contrary to what I would expect, I am grateful for these weeks, although they have been intense and exhausting. I’ve been sick without voice and not being able to listen well, but it has given me the opportunity to grow and learn, to feel myself trying to find my center and my […]

Puntos de vista

Estoy saliendo de 4 semanas intensas de gripe, aún me queda un oído que sigue algo tapado. A lo contrario de lo que me esperaría, estoy agradecida por estas semanas aunque hayan sido intensas y agotadoras, enferma con días sin voz y sin poder escuchar bien, pero que me han dado la oportunidad de crecer y aprender, sintiendo […]