YouTooday’s Values

Honesty, humility, integrity, ethic and respect allow you to be coherent with what you communicate and what you do. In life we must be honest with oneself and, clearly, with others. Life takes many turns and even if you think that you´re conquering the world, in the end, the world you will eat you out. […]

This world is governed by Marketing

Every day we encounter issues that are sold to us to make us act in one way or another. The world is going through turbulent times. We should take care of ourselves. There are so many things happening around us. There are things we hear and that perhaps are untrue and are just being sensationalized, or perhaps, they are […]

YouTooday’s Birth

YouTooday was born a few years ago one Saturday morning. I had been trying to give birth to an idea that could have a positive impact on people and our environment. YouTooday was born directly with its logo, a green plant with 2 leaves of disparate size, which symbolize the growth of a person. This […]